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I would like to offer my services in the Rift run for 6/6/08. Please let me know which of my family is needed? I have a burglar, hunter, guardian or Lore Master.


Brother Neath,

Which of your characters belongs to the Society for the Preservation of Minstrels?  That's the one I want.


If you need an extra blade, I'd be honored to go.
Garridoc and I were discussing the Rift and possibly coming up with a burglar rotation so we can all get the exp. in there.

As much as I love taking part in these Rift runs (even though I've only been fortunate enough to take part in one semi-successful run), I'll sadly not even be able to put my name up for consideration for this time around, as I have previous plans that will keep me occupied the entire weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be able to take part in another run sometime before too long, though.

Well, this is no easy choice masters Garridoc and Thrilldonus.  Both of you are exceptional Burglars I must say. 

On one hand I have master Garridoc who has more experience in the rift, and has been a longer standing member of our kinship.  I have battle with Garridoc many times.  He has helped my good friend Palfo when he needed someone to jump off a cliff for him, and has even made some of my jewelry.

On the other I have master Thrilldonus.  I have had the pleasure of fellowshipping with Thrilldonus on a few occasions lately, and I have been impressed with his knack for knowing just what to do at just the right time.  However, Thriller (as I am wont to call him) has only been in the rift the single time.  But his deeds are more advanced than the little hobbit Garridoc's are.

I keep going back and forth between whom to bring, but the decision is actually quite simple.  1 will come this week, and the other will come next week.  Now who will come when then?  I will cast my ballot for Garridoc to come this week if he can promise me 2 things:

1) If you can work on your deeds a little bit more this week.  Get them as high as you can.  We need all the strength of all of our members in the fell place.

2) Make sure that master Ariadan allows you to remain with us until around midnight.  I completely understand that he wants you to have your rest, but we want you for at least the first 2 boss fights if things go well  ;D


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