Tinnu uin Galadhrim

or in Westron, Twilight of the Silvan Elves

Sakota's Party Pics

Sakota took a great set of pictures from the Tinnu uin Galadhrim Anniversary last week and is kindly sharing them with us all. Thanks Sakota!

gatheringstarts_small.jpg somanynames_small.jpg spotlightstage_small.jpg
spotlightcrowd_small.jpg fromthestage_small.jpg moremusic_small.jpg
music_small.jpg fromthecrowd_small.jpg thebandtakesfive_small.jpg
riddlebattle_small.jpg direnews_small.jpg throughbree_small.jpg
instaddle_small.jpg charge_small.jpg searchingthecamp_small.jpg
onthemove_small.jpg regrouping_small.jpg battlingorcs_small.jpg
orccamp_small.jpg thebandwrapingup_small.jpg diggersfarewellsong_small.jpg
Roheryn Housing Updates

Three more sets of Housing Screenshots for the Kinship, fresh from the newly patched Book 11 on Roheryn. First we have maps of the neighborhoods and the houses themselves

breelandhomesteads_small.jpg breelandkinshipmap_small.jpg falathlornhomesteads_small.jpg
falathlorndeluxemap_small.jpg falathlornkinshipmap_small.jpg falathlornstandardmap_small.jpg
shirehomesteads_small.jpg shiredeluxemap_small.jpg shirekinshipmap_small.jpg
shirestandardmap_small.jpg thorinshallhomesteads_small.jpg thorinshalldeluxemap_small.jpg
thorinshallkinshipmap_small.jpg thorinshallstandard_small.jpg

Next up we have the Homesteads of the Longbeards by Thorin's Hall.

dwarfbroker_small.jpg dwarfkinshipforsalesign_small.jpg dwarfkinshipentrance_small.jpg
dwarfkinshipaudienceroom_small.jpg dwarfkinshipantechamber_small.jpg dwarfkinshipstairs_small.jpg
dwarfkinshipmorestairs_small.jpg dwarfkinshipupstairs_small.jpg dwarfkinshipfurnace_small.jpg
dwarfkinshipdownthestairs_small.jpg dwarfkinshipfromthelandingtothefirstfloor_small.jpg dwarfkinshipantechamberagain_small.jpg
dwarfkinshipaudienceroomagain_small.jpg dwarfkinshipexit_small.jpg dwarfoutdoors_small.jpg
dwarfneighborhoodgatheringarea_small.jpg dwarfoutdoorsagain_small.jpg dwarflookingback_small.jpg
dwarffurnishingsvendor_small.jpg dwarflargecrystals_small.jpg dwarfstandardforsalesign_small.jpg
dwarfneighborhoodentrance_small.jpg dwarfneighborhoodexit_small.jpg dwarfdeluxeforsalesign_small.jpg

Last but certainly not least are the Hobbit-holes of the Shire Homestead.

shirehomsteadbroker_small.jpg shirehomesteadexit_small.jpg shirehomesteadprovisions_small.jpg
shirefurnisher_small.jpg shirehomesteadgatheringarea_small.jpg shireoverthebridge_small.jpg
shiredeluxeforsalesign_small.jpg shiredeluxeentrance_small.jpg shiredeluxefireplace_small.jpg
shiredeluxeinterior_small.jpg shiredeluxesideroom_small.jpg shirekinshipforsalesign_small.jpg
shirekinshipexit_small.jpg shirekinshiproom_small.jpg shirestandardforsalesign_small.jpg
Roheryn Open House.

Thursday, while the live servers were being patched for the new tell filters, the upcoming Book 11 housing feature was shown off on Roheryn the preview server. Irreth, Calindil, Orophor and our friend Wilacar were there to get a first-hand look at personal and kinship houses in the elven and human neighborhoods.

Here we are with the large crowd getting the first look at an elven kinship house.

screenshot00033_small.jpg screenshot00034_small.jpg screenshot00035_small.jpg
screenshot00036_small.jpg screenshot00037_small.jpg screenshot00038_small.jpg
screenshot00039_small.jpg screenshot00040_small.jpg screenshot00041_small.jpg

Some views around the neighborhood, including the vault and vendors.

screenshot00043_small.jpg screenshot00044_small.jpg screenshot00053_small.jpg
screenshot00054_small.jpg screenshot00055_small.jpg screenshot00061_small.jpg

Some shots of the housing interface.

screenshot00064_small.jpg screenshot00065_small.jpg screenshot00066_small.jpg
screenshot00067_small.jpg screenshot00068_small.jpg

Here we have a few shots of the decorating interface. So far the main complaint of this hook system seems to be the lack of ability to rotate the item once it is placed, though there are a few issues about the hook placement itself e.g. The large furniture hook for a table does not include any small furniture hooks close to it for chairs.

screenshot00069_small.jpg screenshot00070_small.jpg screenshot00071_small.jpg

Finally, here are some pictures of the Bree-land neighborhood and a human kinship hall. Alas the hobbits and dwarves were not a part of this open house, else we would have those to share as well.

screenshot00088_small.jpg screenshot00089_small.jpg screenshot00090_small.jpg
screenshot00091_small.jpg screenshot00092_small.jpg screenshot00093_small.jpg
screenshot00094_small.jpg screenshot00095_small.jpg screenshot00096_small.jpg
screenshot00097_small.jpg screenshot00098_small.jpg screenshot00099_small.jpg
screenshot00100_small.jpg screenshot00101_small.jpg
A Gathering of Kin.

The talented and hard-working hobbit minstrel, Digger Goodsong graciously offered up fine halfling hospitality for a party of special magnificence. Those in attendance on July 22, 2007, 4 PM Eastern for a gathering of kin at the Party Tree in the Shire were in for a treat.

musicandfriends_small.jpg drunkenracing_small.jpg passingthepies_small.jpg
calandilsstory_small.jpg rosalinsshimmerick_small.jpg kinshipwrapup_small.jpg
Andril, Flame of the West

Again Tinnu uin Galadhrim joins forces with their friends and allies in Strength In Numbers to aid Aragorn with reforging the blade which was broken.

Fire and Ice

Tinnu uin Galadhrim and Strength In Numbers battle a Gaunt-lord, his minions and a Nazgl, yet live to tell the tale.

thorogreborn_small.jpg nazglsdread_small.jpg
Carn Dm

After many hours and several defeats, members of Tinnu uin Galadhrim, Guardians of Arda and Dark Legacy triumphed in the Witch King's own land, Carn Dm.

victoryincarndm_small.jpg falsekingdethroned_small.jpg
Retribute's Adventures

In some of her many travels, Retribute discovered the Stone Trolls Glade, made famous in the storytelling of Bilbo Baggins. Later deep in Angmar she battled Bogbereth, the grotesque scion of Ungoliant herself!

stonetrollsglade_small.jpg battlingbogbereth_small.jpg