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Thoughts on the 60 LM
« on: February 19, 2009, 02:02:56 PM »
I thought that I would write out some thoughts on the different trees for a 60 LM, both so I could get them clear in my head and in case I was misled about anything.

The basis of my analysis would be the fundamental roles of the lore master. Our jobs are, in order of importance:

1)Crowd Control
3)Power battery

Of course, this is my opinion, and in some cases things get switched around - bosses with no adds will have no crowd control, etc. I've left off some of the useful abilities of LMs, like stun immunity and wound removal, as they're typically reserved for specific situations. Also, this is only considering group dynamics, not soloing.

Based on these priorities, the trait trees in order of usefulness are:

1) The Ancient Master
This tree ups the reliability and speed of blinding flash, ups the level of debuff on most everything, and with the legendary trait allows for a constant heavy hit to a mob's crit rating. Power and wisdom give more power, and allows a bigger drain. It even takes our warding circles from almost always useless to good for every pull. This tree greatly increases our top 3 duties, and so is the top choice for group play.

2) The Keeper of Animals
This tree is a good trade-off between solo and group abilities. It includes the must-have 'proof against all ills' trait, as well as good buffs to our heal ability (which is still not even worth considering supplementary, more an emergency measure). The bog-lurker does make for some nice group dynamics as it can open FMs. Still, neither debuffs nor cc are improved, and the bog lurker will likely take the place of the eagle, reducing our power reservoir role.

3) Master of Nature's Fury
This is the tree that makes most of the above-50 skills actually useful. Sticky gourd is great when it's improved (as opposed to a second burning embers), and dps on fire damage is huge. But this tree actually reduces blinding flash time, taking a skill that's easily chainable to an almost ignorable 5 second stun with a 15 second cool down - it's like bane flare but not even AOE. About the only way the seems an acceptable way to go is if there's already an LM/burg in the group, and for some reason the 50% server population of champs/hunters are all hiding away somewhere.