Author Topic: Teaching Others to Play Instruments  (Read 1647 times)


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Teaching Others to Play Instruments
« on: December 10, 2007, 09:24:44 AM »
Fireborn, Calandil, and My Wonderful Friends,

Now that I am an ally of the Esteldin Rangers, I am able to teach one student per 5 days how to play an instrument, including now the harp.  Fireborn, I promised you this one, and as soon as we meet next week, I will instruct you. ;D 

I don't know exactly how to scribe this instruction yet, but I will also learn that so I can post these to you, making it easier for you.  I did discover that this mentoring can only be done once per 5 days regardless of the instrument.  So I cannot teach one person harp and another clarinet in the same 5 days.  I shall make a list of those who wish to learn, and simply start with first come, first served until all who want this can learn it.  Fireborn and Calandil are already on the list.  Aelanor was my first student, and she plays just lovely tunes now on the harp.  However, to raise some needed funds (500s per scribing sheet), I will ask that every fourth time, I be permitted to sell one on the AH for my own purse's needs.  ;)

All that said, I am diligently seeking to learn to mentor any other instruments now that I have the harp.  My understanding is that these are rare scroll drops, most likely from Goblin Town.  I would gladly reimburse anyone who can find such scrolls and enable me to teach drums, theorbo, bagpipes, and other instruments.  I have a strong need from kinfolk for the bagpipes.  If any of you learn where or how to acquire this ability, please let me know.  Several folks are eager to grind for them once we learn where and how.

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to be able to teach you these wonderful things and add to your enjoyment and talents.  I look forward to serving you soon.

a hobbit with a golden harp