Author Topic: No-fuss warden dps rotation  (Read 2520 times)


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No-fuss warden dps rotation
« on: December 28, 2012, 10:59:55 AM »
Hello fellow wardens!

Kethuthir's dps 'rotation' is a mess.  He tends to use a handful of the heaviest-hitting gambits, but in no clear order.  :D  In the interest of optimizing things, and thus speeding up the average mob fight, I've come up with the following based on the use of Masteries and physical bleeds.  Access to Masteries is unlocked within the three trait trees (Way of the Spear/Shield/Fist), requiring either 2 traits slotted in each tree or 5 traited in a single tree.  Stance is Recklessness. 

Following an opening with whatever javelin attacks are appropriate to the situation, my new gambit sequence is this:

  • Sp [FiSh] [SpFi] - Warden's Triumph (+10% melee damage for 20s; lvl 70)
  • Sp [ShFi]            - Power Attack (melee damage + bleed; lvl 18)
  • [SpSh] [FiSp]     - Mighty Blow (melee damage + bleed + bonus damage following Power Attack; lvl 38)
  • Sp [ShSp]           - Onslaught (melee damage + interrupt; lvl 3

This sequence uses all of the Masteries (besides the SpSp/ShSh/FiFi ones).  Additional damage/benefits are gained by traiting Master of the Spear/Shield/Fist, which grants the intrinsic benefits of the individual gambit builders to the Mastery versions.  This particular sequence uses four Spear builders, four Shield builders, and four Fist builders within the Masteries.  If I trait any of the Master of the Spear/Shield/Fist traits, it's usually Master of the Spear.

There are many ways to modify this sequence.  One obvious one would be to precede Onslaught with a Deft Blow (SpSp) to gain potency, then following the first Onslaught with a second quick one from Battle Memory.  If this is a big mob, I might follow Onslaught with an Unerring Strike built manually (Sp Sh Fi Sp Sh) for melee damage + bleed + bonus damage following Mighty Blow.  Or a light damage gambit (Brink of Victory (Fi Sh Fi) or Surety of Death (Fi Sh Fi Sh) if my mob is vulnerable to light damage.  Or a self-heal.  Or (if I'm grinding a lot of mobs and running low on power) Dark Before the Dawn (Sp Sh Sp Fi Sp).  But I usually only have time for one additional gambit before [FiSh] and [SpFi] are off their cooldowns, at which point I repeat the opening gambit sequence. 

If you've not yet rolled a warden, or are just starting out, the above may sound really complicated.  In practice, though, it's very straightforward.  Click Click Click Execute.  Click Click Execute.  Click Click Execute.  Click Click Execute.  Full initial sequence completed!

This sequence works regardless of how you have your skills set up on your quickslots, of course.  Use whatever is quickest and/or most intuitive for you.  I'm still a button-clicker.  I've laid out my Masteries based on a 3x3 table directly above my primary quickslot with Spear, Shield, and Fist along the top and down the side.  Repeat Masteries (SpSp, ShSh, FiFi) are on the diagonal and are used to build Potency (along with their intrinsic effects).  My Mastery skills are arrayed above my primary quickslots, like this:


I hope this helps all our current and future Wardens!

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