Author Topic: Friday Night Mischief: Helegrod Drake Wing  (Read 1612 times)


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Friday Night Mischief: Helegrod Drake Wing
« on: August 24, 2011, 05:49:45 AM »
Greetings friends! I'm hoping to take a break from OD and spend a mischief-filled Friday night with you all. I'd love to take a group through the Helegrod drake wing this week (level 57 so that people can get credit for the daily as well) if we can get the numbers to pull it off. It isn't very long, and it will help unlock the dragon for those who don't have it available yet.

If you are available, please let me know here, or in-game. We'll gather as usual at the Pony, and start fighting at 9pm est.
We will pull in allies or pug to fill empty slots, if we have a good number of Tinnu to join us.

In case our numbers are small this week, please send me suggestions for your 3 or 6-man needs (I know 16th Hall is still on the list for a few folks, any others?).

Hope to see you Friday!
Tuiliel, Lady of the Silver Arrow