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Author Topic: A Gathering of the Kin for Sharing Gifts, Ideas, & RP  (Read 1827 times)


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A Gathering of the Kin for Sharing Gifts, Ideas, & RP
« on: February 08, 2010, 08:40:56 AM »
My Beloved Kinfolks,

We are planning a new kind of kinship Gathering - one for sharing ideas, gifts, and RP. 

At this event, we will hold a Kinhall Meeting where we will open a discussion with Tur Orophor and his Officers with the kinfolks.  The topics include: Where are we going?  What do kinfolk want to have from their kinship?  Should we change to include more raiding?  Should we remain a casual kinship?  What are our important values?  What do you want from your leaders?  And any other topic that is of interest to you.  This open discussion will help us build the kind of kinship that best serves the needs and wishes of our members.  It is important to attend and voice your opinions.

We will also have a Gift-Giving.  Each person will bring a gift for someone and exchange it at the Gathering.  Gifts may be anything that one desires to pass along.  And gifts themselves may also be exchanged for other gifts so that each person gets something they would like.

Finally, we will once again be fortunate enough to have Master Kethrandir lead us on an RP Adventure.  It will be hard to top the wonderful fun of troll-bashing we had last time on our rescue of Kethrandir and Perigard.  Kethrandir is, however, brain-storming away to come up with something that will be fun for all.

Please vote in the survey to select the best time for this new Gathering.

Thank you,
Digger Goodsong
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Re: A Gathering of the Kin for Sharing Gifts, Ideas, & RP
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2010, 05:40:54 AM »
It shall be a great event of fun and wisdom.  My thanks to those hosting such a lavish gathering.

((Please excuse my absence to this gathering.  The winter storms pressing the east have ruined my satellite internet connection.  I do not know when I will be able to rejoin.  Here in the area of ohio i live in has not gotten the worst, but only an unwise man wishes for more. :)  I have also seen the floods and mud slides the west is dealing with.  That can not lead to very many happy days any time soon.  I wish all of you safety in a time of hazards, a smile in a time of frowns, a calmness in a time of worry, and a sunny day in a time of clouds. ))

May Valar show you favor,



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Re: A Gathering of the Kin for Sharing Gifts, Ideas, & RP
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2010, 09:30:50 PM »
Greetings all!

I've decided to significantly scale back the RP plans for the upcoming Gathering.  

The principle intent of the Gathering, as Digger has explained, is to discuss the future direction and organizational theme(s) of the kinship.  This is a great plan, and I'm looking forward to it!  After some thought, though, I feel it would be inappropriate to schedule an RP event in 'official' conjunction with this discussion.  Though I and some others enjoy roleplaying, everyone should feel encouraged to share their thoughts and hopes for the kin's direction, and I'd like everyone to join the discussion with a feeling of equal footing and consideration given to their opinions.

I will lead an informal event one hour before the Gathering (whenever that is scheduled):  a kin skirmish defending the walls of Gondamon.  We can all meet at the kin hall and ride to Gondamon as a prelude to the skirmish itself, then join the larger group at the kin hall for the Gathering.  We'll be starting promptly an hour before the kin meeting to prevent any overlap, so mark your calendars!

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