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Come one, Come all
« on: November 17, 2009, 06:02:48 AM »
Hear Ye, hear ye,

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening,

I being of sound mind, here by ...... NEED HELP

WANTED.... Living being with two legs, two arms, a head, maybe a body.  To help bequeathing the great and wonderful OZ...errr Prizes of the Great Tinnu uin Galadhrim Gathering. If you own and operate your own horse that would be a plus.

Food wonderful food, sure wish i could have some-one help me hand out all these wonderful Prizes.  

So come on down, your the next contestant on the Prize is Right.  Just hand out the right prize at the right time and you could win a shiny new Slap on the Back.

Morlocrond the Unhorsed
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