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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Welcome The Learning Tree
« on: May 10, 2008, 05:35:58 PM »
I like it, Capt. Staffen!  It's just the sort of thing I've been looking for also.  Kin fellowships are infinitely more enjoyable, and I'm worried about pieces of the Epic storyline, in particular, getting lost by the wayside for lack of good groups.  It's always difficult setting fixed times for these sorts of things, and I'm not sure when even I would be regularly available (perhaps weekday evenings?  Endingwen and I are on PST, which may cause some additional difficulties for evening plans...).  Let's hear what others have to say!


General Discussion / Re: On Officers and other things
« on: May 10, 2008, 05:30:24 PM »
Greetings friends!

In the same vein, and from my perspective as a recently-inducted member of the kinship, I would comment that a more clearly-defined and frequently-updated leadership structure and officer roster would be very helpful.  I still struggle with remembering the masters of the various Crafting Halls, our kinship leaders, and the plethora of alts maintained by these senior members.  Understandably, some of us, including officers or crafting masters, take temporary leaves of absence from the lands of Middle-earth.  During these periods, it hasn't been clear (to me at least) to whom I should raise questions, direct crafting recipes, or simply keep my eyes open for as folks log in and out.  This isn't a big issue for me, of course... just a minor comment related to the comings and goings of the kin leadership.  Many new members have joined our ranks of late, and I suspect I'm not the only one a bit confused at times.

Perhaps in addition to whatever action is taken re. promotion to officer status, we could promote (frequently-updated) dissemination of that info to the greater group?   Just my .02.


Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Welcome The Learning Tree
« on: May 05, 2008, 09:44:33 PM »

This is a wonderful idea.  As a relative newcomer to both LOTRO and to MMOs in general, the learning curve has been steep.  As you say, members of our kin have been extraordinarily helpful at multiple points along the journey.  For questions or concerns requiring an in-depth discussion, however, the in-game chat system is a poor substitute for a face-to-face discussion.  Those of us interested in starting out an alt would be VERY well served by a Learning Tree as well.  The format you've proposed is perfect! 

Topics might include approaches to various crafting professions (organized by the respective Houses of Crafting), combat strategies for various classes, assistance with navigating the in-game economy, etc.  Meetings for hunters and woodworkers would be of particular personal interest.  I also agree that a bit of planning might allow for better participation in these events.  Perhaps we could arrange mixed events under the Tree at a regular time, with subgroups breaking off for discussions as needed given the participants' interests on that day?  This might alleviate problems of low participation, particularly with certain topics if many of us have limited but useful knowledge but are unlikely to attend a designated event. 

Just my two cents.  I'll think some more about this in the coming days.  What do others recommend?


The cost of Lebethron Fishing Poles seems to have remained fairly high (60s for standard / 200s for well-crafted) since the release of Book 13.  I'd be happy to fashion either standard (+4 fishing skill) or well-crafted (+5 fishing skill) poles for anyone interested.  Let me know either here or in-game if you're interested!  Each can be inscribed with a special (no-spaces) message for the recipient.

On a related note, donations of Tough Legs would be much appreciated if you have some taking up storage space.  =)


Master Digger-

I'll get right to work on ListeningRod and Starlight!  Look for my delivery to you at this evening's party. 


Masters Staffen and Tarlwyn-

I would love some assistance in the Misty Mountains!  I managed to gather ~70 units of Black Ash wood there the other day before dying, but my travels were restricted to the southwestern-most foothills.  Perhaps a touring expedition is in order?

Master Tarlwyn, I have units of both treated lebethron and several tough legs (I believe) for making some well-crafted poles.  I'll get right to work!  The 'regular' lebethron pole I've been using has a +4 ability associated with it, so if you've not used the 'standard' lebethron pole I'd be happy to lend you mine.  Not sure how dramatic the +1 difference will be.  Look for me along the shores of Evendim!


Master Calandil-

It's good to hear from you!  I too am eager to contribute, having just Mastered the Artisan tier.  As a level 40 hunter, I'm just starting to explore the Misty Mountains and gather some Black Ash... looks like it'll take awhile.  =)  But I have plenty of required crit trophy ingredients, so let me know if I can be of any help.  And welcome Anarias!

Kethrandir of Mirkwood

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