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Title: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Digger on July 12, 2010, 12:58:21 PM
Welcome, kinfolk and friends!

In times past and especially in the Gaelic and Nordic traditions, great warriors were expected to be well versed in poetry.  They were able to recite long epic poems of histories, battles, and laws with incredible precision.  And those warriors who achieved legendary status often composed their own poems about the world around them.  Some of those wonderful poems survive today, and I feel sure that our beloved Professor read them.

This quiet corner wishes to offer a variation on that ancient tradition of the warrior.  Let us here share short little poems whether limericks, jigs, haiku, or just a free style.  Everyone can write 3-5 lines about some thing in middle earth that catches their thoughts.  Here is a place where we can share them.  From time to time, we may even encourage challenges between warriors to see which can best the other with words.  One might find a special poem and simply copy it here, giving the author of course.  And finally, we may ask one of our poet warriors to compose something for us about an important or inspiring thing we know.

I hope that you all enjoy the Poets' Corner and contribute often.  Do not be shy about your craft or skill, in poetry it is indeed the thought that counts.

Digger Goodsong
Title: The Tinnu Singing
Post by: Digger on July 12, 2010, 01:03:42 PM
Twenty orcs circled around,
A band of Tinnu singing.
Twenty orcs now on the ground,
The Tinnu song still ringing,
The end of darkness bringing.

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Morlocrond on July 13, 2010, 04:31:06 AM
The battle began with a mad rush,
Our swords and axes ringing loud,
With hacks and slashes the blood did gush,
In the end the Mighty Turtle was covered in a death shroud.
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Mithasul on July 13, 2010, 07:52:00 AM
No poet I am but a tale I can give you.

Exploring Garth Arwen

Morning shined and called us to duty, a new day a new journey.
Hobbit and elf took the road that fated morning, the trail was open and the warm sun invigorated their steps.  Fated was that day that took them to the doors of the Red Maiden.  

Valiant and bold were the hobbit and the elf.  Nothing would stand in their way as mighty singer was Palfo and a tall bow Mithasul carried.  They looked each other and without a word they ventured into the realm of the Red Maiden and Ivar the Terrible.

Twisted and laborious was their journey there.  Many fell folk lives there and tried to bar their pass but to every attempt the hobbit provided a melodious song to the wisp of the arrows of his elf friend.  Up and down many stairs they went.  Into rooms filled with beast they journeyed and with song and arrow the rooms were purged of their evil presence.

The path to Ivar was blocked as the keys to the mighty gate were hidden and the gatekeeper had run for his life once he heard that fire and song was coming for him.

Palfo and Mithasul continued their journey looking to pass the mighty gate thru perilous grounds but no one could withstand them.  Palfo’s song went like raging water taking and moving everything in his path.  Mithasul’s fiery bolts were deadly and did not allow anyone to get near his good friend and interrupt his mighty song.

Finally they arrived to another mighty door but this time the gate keepers were there waiting for them.  Twins came towards them for a moment they seem fair and their speech honey filled.  Immediately Palfo challenged them with a song of reveal and surprised they were as twin undead came towards them.

Foul were these creatures as their stench filled their noses.  With bite, claw and weapon they went after Palfo and Mithasul and a mighty fight ensued.  Palfo’s lute rang with songs of power and deference.  Mithasul bow was singing and axe and blade were providing a chorus.  The twins were crafty and they too had their songs of power and they called for aid from their Master.  At times they were able to confuse the good elf and silence the mighty hobbit but just for a second as Palfo would recover his voice and strike them with his mighty club.  Mithasul will take the opportunity to replenish his strength with a swig of Athelas.  The battle continued and Mithasul bow was a blur and his quiver ever plentiful.  Palfo too took a moment to replenish his strength and cool his voice with pure waters of Celebriant.

Nightfall was coming and they twins feeling the power of nightfall pressed their attack.  Grievous wounds they gave to Mithasul and he faltered but Palfo sang a song of rejuvenation of clear pastures and golden days and Mithasul came out of the trance and again his bow sang and axe and blade provided the chorus.  They twins were pressed by Mithasul, the elf was wrathful and the twins would not stand before him.  One of the twins started to back away and Palfo again was able to cool his throat and use a bit of Athelas too that he had for these emergencies.

The brave hobbit and the mighty elf were almost spent but twilight was over and the stars were shining in the sky.  Mithasul remembered a token that he was given at that moment he invoked his power.  Clear light came from it like if all the stars were gathered in Mithasul hand.  The twins faltered and retreated, and Palfo’s voice rang like a bell, like the crash of falling water and both hobbit and elf called for Elbereth to shine upon them.

Mighty was the song of power that Palfo used that one of the twins suddenly crumpled and was no more.  Mithasul bow sang and a flurry of arrows nailed the last twin to the gate they futile defended.  They fight was over and they were alive!  New song came to both and they sang for the joys of life but a terrible voice comes from beyond the door; it was the Red Maiden and she was waiting for them, calling for them …

Palfo and Mithasul laughed at her request and said that they will be back to giver her a proper rest and purify her waters but this is another tale for another time.
Title: Digger's Jig
Post by: Digger on July 14, 2010, 11:22:35 AM
Here is a ditty the I wrote after visiting the festival at the Party Tree:

A pig and a jig went out for a dance.
The jig gave the pig a warning glance.
'Don't dance by chance your fancy prance,
Or I will pickle your pants.
And you'll look down
With a shocking frown
And find you've lost your .... stance.'
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Morlocrond on July 23, 2010, 12:31:55 PM
Okay here's another poor attempt at thoughts that count. :)

Nervous twas I on that first trip,
Into the lair of darkness.
Wet were my palms against my grip,
Tip-toeing thru the starkness.

"Do not pad atop the green",
The wise leader voiced sincere.
But curiosity must see the unseen,
My defeat finally making it clear.

Do not I say walk the green pool,
Do not I say be me the curious fool.

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Digger on July 24, 2010, 12:29:51 PM
These are delightful poems and a fascinating story.  What creative folks we have.  More more more!

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on July 24, 2010, 07:29:20 PM
Song of the Stair

In Moria the shadows fall
Upon a sparkling tomb
Where treasures lie uncoveted
Among the ash and gloom

Who hears the horn? Who heeds the call
To reclaim glories fled,
To seek the end of growing dark
And vengeance for the dead?

They come from people scattered but
In one purpose unite
They gather in the darkness and
Move onward toward the fight

When battles raged and foes rose fierce
And soldiers’ courage waned
The Lady of the Silver Arrow
Poised to take her aim

In Moria where shadows reign
And brave men fall to dark
The Lady’s arrows blazed with light
And surely hit their mark

When lore is lost and time forgets
The horrors buried there
The legends still will speak of one
Who stood upon the Stair
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Baridoc on July 31, 2010, 06:46:31 AM
What amazingly talented folks we have in this kinship. I'm astounded at your talent... ALL of you!!

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Digger on July 31, 2010, 11:13:04 AM
Isn't it great?  We have a wonderful gathering of fine warriors.  I really enjoy reading these over again.  They are terrific.

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on August 03, 2010, 04:46:24 PM
Having spent another fine evening at the Plough and Stars, Tuiliel wrote a heartwarming tale about a minstrel's performance in her journal. Being rather long for this forum, it can be found here: http://my.lotro.com/whart/2010/08/03/the-wandering-song/

Perhaps one day, one of our creative kinfolk will set the minstrel's song to music!
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on August 06, 2010, 06:44:30 PM
Greetings fellow warrior poets! For those of you who are interested in exploring the world of MyLotro blogging, the quarterly Blogmoot is being held on the Brandywine server, August 21, 9pm EST at 6 Long Street, Hamglen, Breeland Homesteads. Join your fellow writers in discussing our craft and gaining new inspiration. The host's MyLotro invitation is here: http://my.lotro.com/myfreezr2/2010/07/17/summer-blogmoot-2010/  I shall be there (my very first Blogmoot!), and hope that other creative kinmates might make it as well!

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on August 11, 2010, 04:21:35 PM
Update on Blogmoot: according to the forums, the time has been changed to 6pm EST. I'll keep watching the forum posts and keep you updated on any further changes.
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on October 03, 2010, 06:44:50 PM

The niphredil grew fragrant white upon the hills of green
In days beyond the memory of men
Branches full in blossom bowed to cold and bubbling streams
Ah, the golden trees of fair Lothlorien!

A maiden clad in gossamer gray tossed petals in the breeze
A net of silver stars upon her hair
The handsome hunter laughing sat above her in the trees
He watched her dancing, willowy and fair

“A song, my love,” he shouted down, “to ease a weary mind!”
“Will not my true love sing of star and sea?”
“Nay my lord, sweet music here is everywhere to find,”
“The rushing stream is song enough for me!”

A shadow on the Golden Wood was pressing ever near
And tainted Nimrodel with foul orcs’ stain
The mighty hunter’s duty to send foes away in fear
They cowered faint before his arrows’ rain

But on this day the hunter’s eyes were drawn to fairer sights
His love’s bright smile more sweet than words could tell
Neither lover noticed arrows streaming through the air
‘Til at her feet the mighty hunter fell

She clutched his hand into her own; the skin was cold and wan
“No, my love, you cannot leave me so!”
“I fear my time is at an end, but you will carry on.”
He weakly smiled and kissed her hand, “Now go.”

And soft the maiden weeping drew her hand across his brow
Slowly did her fingers close his eyes
She screamed her grief to far cold stars above the golden boughs
And then somehow she found the strength to rise

She cursed her fate and begged the gods and cried in disbelief
At how such pain and doubt cruel fate could bring
“This cannot be the end,” she cried, and through her crushing grief
Across the Golden Wood began to sing

She sang of dawn new-breaking upon wide and stormy seas
A spray of salty mist upon the air
Of far green hills and sandy shores and tall and sheltering trees
And how one day her ship would meet him there

As she sang a host drew near to honor one so brave,
A fighter bold, so peaceful now in death
But as the song grew louder at the mighty hero’s grave
They saw the fallen hunter draw a breath

A silent glance between the two said more than words could tell
He had returned when all her hope had gone
A twinkle in his eyes revealed a strength no wound could fell
“All I ever needed was a song.”

Though long ago the Golden Wood has faded into dreams
‘Tis said that if you ever pass this way
And pause along the flowering hills beside the rushing streams
You can hear her singing to this day
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on October 16, 2010, 12:49:36 PM
The Fallen of Gondolin

We are too beautiful to die.
Our eyes will not close, our spirits here remain
Forever in the ashes of the Hidden Rock
Decaying rubble, glittering splendor
Whitest marble, charcoal dust, pale ghosts
We are too beautiful to die

When did they cease to sing?
Where are the petals of gold and silver
Floating on the gentle summer wind,
And the colors of the banners
Scarlet, sky-blue, purple, like bright jewels?
When did they cease to sing?

We are too valiant to fail
We stand, waiting, watching
Roaring thunder coming ever nearer
The ground trembles, but we do not move
No dragon’s flame will shake our will
We are too valiant to fail

The walls are strong and smooth
No Orcs will scale, no fires will mar
They stand proud, gleaming white
Duilin the archer, fleet of foot,
Sends swift arrows from the battlements
The walls are strong and smooth

We will not yield to them
Gondolin is ours, its singing crystal fountains,
Gleaming gems behind strong gates, long hidden
Though angry flame strikes its walls
And shadow seeps through its foundations
We will not yield to them

Ever we shall trust our King
Though Maeglin proves false, and Salgant cowers in his bed
Fair Idril clad in shining mail defends her child alone
Turgon says stand! Do not listen to the Sea!
Before he climbs the high tower, and it crashes down to ruin
Ever we shall trust our King

Our city will not fall
Though fair Ecthelion stood alone,
He took another with him in his fall
The fountain is empty now, no moonlight shines
On crystal droplets tinkling in the breeze
Our city will not fall

There is nowhere to run
The Eagle bears brave Glorphindel
Above the wreckage of his foe
Smoke rises from the Secret Way
The tunnels choked with our fallen kin
There is nowhere to run

We are too beautiful to die
We shall forever stand in vigil
Upon the shining gem that crowned this world
Though all is gray now, dull, and always cold
They will sing of us, surely, or will they forget?
We are too beautiful to die
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Digger on October 17, 2010, 12:44:45 PM
How beautiful and sad.  I love it.  And I hope you win.

Lilly & Digger
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on December 23, 2010, 07:26:36 PM
Tuiliel's next chapter available at:  http://my.lotro.com/user-1027520/2010/12/23/rivendell/ (http://my.lotro.com/user-1027520/2010/12/23/rivendell/)

For those of you who haven't followed her story, click on the Tuiliel: A Hunter's Journey widget on that page to see past chapters. Happy holidays, and happy reading!
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Henglaf on January 12, 2011, 11:58:33 AM
Thank you, Tuiliel, for bringing my attention to this area of the forum and thank you, everyone, for sharing your work! What fun! Poetry is interesting as it is, but in the context of Middle-earth it becomes something that I don't have the words to describe exactly. I took a gamble and put some words and a simple rhyme together:

The Anemone of Wilderland

"There is a city at yonder Mount's feet,
Where once tolled bells of silver, gold, oh, so sweet!
Where the Celduin rushed o'er the city's breast,
Before running into lands wide without rest."
Thus cries the Anemone of Wilderland.

"A land long held, under yoke of fear,
Gone dwarf, gone Man, for many a year.
A worm sleeps on pillows of gold,
A treasure not seen since days of old."
Thus cries the Anemone of Wilderland.

"A sparrow weeps in the low brush;
A cry goes up from a lonesome thrush.
The raven circles yonder about,
No hope in a land barren throughout."
Thus cries the Anemone of Wilderland.

"Oh, where is the King Under the Mountain?
For to take up his throne is fain!
And when shall the Lords of Dale return?
To see you is desirous, with faces proud and stern."
Thus cries the Anemone of Wilderland.

"In this copse shall my kin wait watching,
Five, seven and nine-petalled white heads abiding,
Along the bank, low in the dell, behind the tree,
We await the day that Winderland will be free."
Thus cries the Anemone of Wilderland.

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Digger on January 12, 2011, 02:19:39 PM
Bravo, good procurer!  Bravo!

Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Cutholen on February 19, 2011, 08:23:47 AM
Sarn Arthrad

Slow step the dwarves, on stones heavy;
In Gelion's fair stream the Naugrim wade;
Heavy axes hold they, blood stained from hewing
The fair folk of Doriath in faery cave.

Wet where our eyes from silent weeping,
Tears turned aside from bowstrings taut.
Who there could not weep for Elu Thingol;
Nor weep for those who by basest betrayed.

Silent we watch each slow step taken;
Wait while they wade into the deep.
Watch as the water climbs ever upward;
Gelion's flow makes them struggle for each step now,
As water washes above waist and chest.
Iron hauberks drag them down with each step now,
Any misstep will drag them down to the deep.

"Now," cries Camlost, "Cut down the craven!
Let swift shafts sing our song of grief."
Swift from our hands spring the deadly shafts.
Strings hum the song of sorrow unending,
Mourn for our hearts those in Menegroth murdered.
White shafts whistle a tune for our weeping,
A song that we sing as we Naugrim slay.

Red flows the flood of mighty Gelion
As deep strike the shafts that we swiftly release.
Now cry in fear the craven Naugrim,
The laugh now no longer of their murderous deeds.

Some seek to turn, to retreat far from us,
But Gelion takes them, sweeps them from their feet.
Heavy their hauberks, hard now their footsteps,
And Ulmo takes vengeance,
Takes them down to the deep.

Some try to charge, bring their axes amongst us,
But waist deep in water they wade slowly each step.
Swift strike the arrows, and swiftly we slaughter;
Slay those who slew our kin in their caves.

But lo, here is one who holds himself ready,
A great jewel glittering upon his chest.
The Naugrim king of mighty Nogrond,
The architect of all our grief.

Cunning his armour, and close are the links,
No shaft can pierce is surcoat of steel.
Around him his guard with shields ready
Doughty dwarves advance with determined step.
Bearing a brand, Camlost waits on the bank.
Awaits their the killers of his kith and kin.
Axes at arms, the Dwarves advance now,
But Camlost strikes with strength renown.
Axe falls aside as chest is struck asunder;
Dismayed are the dwarves by the doom of their king.

Fearful now, they flee to the forest,
But the forest too mourns the death of its king.
Ents catch those that evade us,
The Naugrim to Nogrost will never return.

Thus the first stanza of our sorrowful song sung,
But the sorrow's to great, I can't yet sing its last.
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Digger on February 25, 2011, 10:44:57 AM
Fair Folk,

Here is an old hobbit story that I wrote in a rhyme for your pleasure.  I do hope you like it.

Love Without Reasons

A flea in a top hat feeling real hot
Went high-hopping out from a spot to a spot.
His necklaces gold, on his hand a big jewel
This Mr. Flea was really too cool.
Up a crate to a porch then over a house,
He high-jumped and landed right on a mouse.

Ms. Mousey, the dear, stepping out from her farm
Was carrying a basket hung over her arm.
She wore the pink dress she had recently sewn.
 When she suddenly noticed she wasn’t alone.
Company was something she would always prefer,
But this company was crawling about in her fur.

Mr. Flea looked around with a sniff and a smile.
This was a spot that appealed to his style.
It smelled like a rose or was it fragrance of lily?
This heavenly spot made Mr. Flea simply silly.
His little head spun and his top hat twirled
His heart leaped up. He had found a new world.

“Who’s there?” cried Mousey in a bit of alarm
She didn’t like strangers who might do her harm.
“My dearest, my sweet,” said the flea in reply.
“I give you my love in endless supply.”
“A lover, you say, come calling on me?”
Whispered Ms. Mousey most hopefully.

“Where are you, good sir?” she asked as she turned.
Her sweet lonely heart for a true love had yearned.
“I’m here by your ear,” he said as he rose
And hopped to a spot at the end of her nose.
“Dear me, you’re a flea,” she cried in a fright.
“I know your kind, your annoying bite.”

“Never!” he answered in a voice calm and strong,
“Never, my darling, would I do you wrong.
“My nature is pure.  My heart’s in a dance.
“You are my true love.  I knew from first glance.”
Ms. Mousey thought long as she stared at this flea,
And considered her heart and the truth of his plea.

“Our love is not possible. You’re small and I’m large.
“I think this a romance we could never discharge.”
“Nothing’s impossible!” cried Flea proud and bold,
“Love conquers all!  Or so I am told.”
With a gesture most handsome, Flea took off his ring.
“Here is a symbol of the love that I bring.”

“For me?” asked Mousey and squinted her sight
For the ring that he offered was dazzling bright.
Ms. Mousey knew well her long lonely days
How she lived by herself in her singular ways.
She accepted his ring, and tied her fur in a knot.
Sparkles like this were Ms. Mousey’s soft spot.

“I think we should give this romance a try,”
She announced with a small loving tear in her eye.
“My dearest,” said Flea, “we shall be happy forever
“Dancing and talking and caring together.”
And so this strange couple in no way the same
Discovered their way to kindle love’s flame.

They lived on their farm for many fine seasons
And grew old together without any reasons.
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Thrilldonus on April 28, 2011, 01:47:24 AM
I am no poet, but will try. It's kind of a work in progress. I feel somewhat in awe of all the talent here, but here goes:

As they lay dying, I step to the next foe.
For it is him, or I, and my time is not now.

As they lay dying, howls of pain fill the air.
The dying scream from wounds mortal.

As they lay dying, the stench of death chokes my senses.
From the blood-soaked ground, and gore covered dagger.

As they lay dying, I live for one more day.
Death is dealt to foes of the Light.
Title: Re: The Warrior Poets' Corner
Post by: Tuiliel on July 03, 2011, 12:26:47 PM
Two new posts on my MyLOTRO page (http://my.lotro.com/user-1027520/ (http://my.lotro.com/user-1027520/)): a new chapter to begin Volume 3 of Tuiliel's story (just when you think Tui and El will live happily ever after, the road takes its darkest turn yet!), and a farewell tribute to a great blogger, friend, and supporter of the MyLOTRO community whom we lost this week.

For those of you who follow the creative side of LOTRO, yesterday I hosted Blogmoot, a gathering of bloggers from MyLOTRO and other fan sites. It was a lively crowd of writers, and we learned of many exciting projects underway, so keep your eyes open for wonderful new stories and articles (and even a radio show!) coming in the future. Our main topic of conversation was finding an audience--it's hard to keep up the momentum when our posts get no ratings or feedback. So just a reminder: when you see a great blog post, rate it, recommend it to others, and let your favorite writers know that someone is out there enjoying their efforts. If you're looking for some great reading, check out the Featured Scribes widget on my page for links to blogs by Linett, Gaiagil, and many other fine writers. If you discover a great blog that we may not have found yet, let us know!